Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of movies that exist? There’s like, thousands of them, with a few more coming out every single week. It almost feels like you’re stuck in the middle of an ocean of entertainment. Everyone knows about the big movies; the superhero movies, the Disney films, etc. But for those who are looking for different, lesser known movies, or even those who are just tired of the monotony that Hollywood blockbusters keep giving us, this site is for you.

I watch a lot of movies, indie or otherwise, and I decided that I could put my countless hours of entertainment to good use. As I watch the lesser known films, I’ll write a little bit about them here, basically a review and a recommend if applicable. As time goes on I’ll probably look back at the indie films I’ve seen in the past and do the same. So here’s this, hopefully it won’t be a complete waste of time.

-Micah Deerman



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